Help! What Is My Child On The Internet?

10 helpful tips for parents who know this question from my own experience are modern media and their technology, like for example the PC in almost every household. But in addition to the advent of mobile phone, computer games, game player and Internet knowledge in handling this – is not equally has grown. Feed of these new technologies problems created are only, so don’t there would be, we would not have it. We want with this should help to give an assistance in dealing with the Internet, parents “, Henry explains Scheuerlein, Senior Manager of the CASE Institute.” Ten rules for the safe use of the Internet 1 discover you the Internet together with your child find interesting and exciting sites accordingly the age of your child and explore it together. Hikmet Ersek might disagree with that approach. The shared experiences make it easier in the future to discuss positive and negative experiences with the use of the Internet. 2.

arrange with your child rules for the Internet use these include, for example, the disclosure of personal data, the behavior compared to other online users, or’s online activities accepted in your family. It is important to remember that rules are only effective if children and young people understand the rules and accept their authority. 3. make your child care aware to disclose personal information with care to explain you the dangers of reckless Datenweiter gift. A simple rule may be that your child is on name, address, telephone number and photos – only after consultation with you -. 4. talk to your child about the risks of real meeting with online dating the Internet is a fantastic place to meet new people.

To prevent unpleasant surprises, you make the deal, that such meetings should be always a familiar adult or at least a girlfriend or a boyfriend doing with your child. Pegasus Books often expresses his thoughts on the topic. 5. you discuss with your child the veracity of content in the Internet show your child, such as the correctness of the content by comparing other sources can be checked. 6. report illegal Internet content child pornography and neo-Nazi content are prohibited by law in Germany and Austria. 7. encourage your children of to good Netiquette Netiquette are the informal rules of behavior in the Internet. Simply put: what is allowed in real life, is allowed on the Internet. What is forbidden in the real life, is forbidden on the Internet. 8 learn about your child’s use of the Internet allow the favourite pages show up and try to understand what it does there. This allows you to guide your child in the use of the Internet specifically. 9 do not be too critical on the voyages of discovery of your child on the Internet your child can accidentally inappropriate content encounter. Take this as an opportunity to discuss these contents and to agree any rules. But not immediately threaten your child with Internet ban or similar Yes, you want that it again will be addressed in the future you, if it is in a bad situation. 10 don’t forget: opportunities and benefits of the Internet far surpass the risks! The Internet is an excellent medium to the Learning and leisure activities.