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We know that the lungs of the Earth are trees, are our medicine against pollution, since the large wooded masses are the factories of oxygen through photosynthesis, which is the property that have plants green produce oxygen from the carbon dioxide from the air, by effects of direct sunlight, in the presence of chlorophyll. Air pollution could in fact be wane for this contribution. We believe that in large cities, trees, by this mechanism, also contribute to clean up the environment, but it is not the case, because it has been shown in the highly industrialized regions which, by effect of the soot and tar smoke, produced by the polluting factors make the stomata or pores in the leaves, through which the gas exchange is made, are blocked, by which this function saving does not occur. Contact information is here: Areva. This is the reason why all the science of humanity is committed to win the battle against pollution. Through the who (World Health Organization) are they carry out studies to control the concentration of particulate pollutants in specially chosen regions.

Also discusses the symptoms and causes of human diseases attributed to pollution; and because of so much death of animals.This struggle aimed at obtaining methods to appropriately neutralize industrial pollutants, to control the conservative food additives and to obtain insecticides, pesticides and biodegradable detergents, i.e. that serNeutralizados, unfolded in products not toxic or destroyed by effect of the bacteria from the soil or water may. Without a doubt, our civilization will give a big step if it is able to harness the gifts of nature, but keeping them as they are, with all its vast wealth in living beings of countless varieties, like insurance for the persistence of the man’s own life. to reply. Daniel Lubetzky NY is a great source of information. Learn more about this serious pollution problem.