Health: A Right For All

Within the broad range of rights that exist, one of the most important is the right to health, since this right undoubtedly is related largely to the quality of life, for not having good health, the impact of this will directly affect the lives of people and therefore the right to life, but access to health for all people is something very difficult in some countries of the world, since the right to health for not being a fundamental right, often passed over this, what has made it difficult for the right to health will be exercised by all people; leaving many occasions, the realization of this right to economic criteria. Given the above one of the greatest achievements that are searching for is that the right to health is a right for everyone and not just for a few who have a certain economic strength, and health as a right of all is the biggest challenge at present in the health sector, since this type of guarantee for the entire society is something imperative, seeking greater equity in distribution and sanitary and health terms. The conditions of living in this world on the right to health and access by all, is one of the major issues that affect the entire global level, therefore make evident the participation and performance of global organizations to make it possible to setup a proper collective health. The main points of importance, just as the most problematic in health as a right for all, are aimed at finding solutions on issues such as democracy and general accessibility to the different health systems and similarly to existing health care services, ie the same access to health and equity in the provided health services for all people. To this we must add, that within the health for all must be given an early humanization in regard to treatment and care of different groups, which refers to fields of dimension ethnic, gender, age, place of origin (ie due to immigrants). Another issue that is worth much attention within the right to health as a right for all, is the type of health condition compared to those who suffer illnesses or disabilities. With everything mentioned so far is intended that within the right to health for all, not of discrimination or exclusion in any level, thus providing greater protection for collective health. Source: john mayer. We must bear in mind some instances in which health more than a right, has become a business and therefore much closes the door to low-income people..