Haribo Lakritzen

The finished cake looks wonderful, you would cut right already a bit, but too early, it is now only two hours to be seen on. For two hours, the cold dog comes”in the refrigerator. After he is finished, you can serve him coffee. The grandmother had chosen a difficult Cake Pan, making a locomotive with the grandson. Click Deutsche Bank to learn more. The boy swallowed a licorice besides times, times a hazelnut cookies, but otherwise he worked very hard-working and highly interested in.

For the cake, they needed six hazelnut cookies, 300 grams Palmin, five eggs, four Prince role cookies, three packages of butter cookies, cocoa, Haribo Lakritzen, color for decorating, a small chocolate Marshmallow, a package small butter cookies, Marzipan. The chimney was made of marzipan. You must bake the other cakes, curd cheese dinosaur. Want to get 10 dinosaurs, to use following ingredients in this set: one tablespoon Gries 250 g low-fat Quark two tablespoons sugar two vanilla sugar a egg milk one Pack frozen yeast dough. It is good if you have a dinosaur baking pan. There is not, this is also not bad, because everyone can take is itself a. A dinosaur is also quickly painted, take a circle and makes a long neck at one end of it on the other cock, come up the dinosaur teeth out and down thick, short legs. This template to cut out and the dough rolls out then so, that it covers this template.

After all the loose wire ends Remove. Now you stir the curd cheese from the protein, one tablespoon of Gries, vanilla sugar and anorexia together. It occupies the baking tray with paper. The dough dinosaur comes on the baking sheet. The animal must only be decorated: on the belly to put a DAB of the curd cheese, the remaining yeast dough is used that rolling oval thin dough sheets from this, it puts them on the curd cheese. Press the sides of the dough sheets with dull cutlery. Now the dinosaur is nearly finished, only Daubs it must be. To do that with Eiermilch. The dinosaur bake very quickly, already in 10 minutes at 170 degrees, they can be light brown. Because the legs and neck are not as thick as the other parts, you must careful that they are not burned. Now, the cakes are done, whether large or small, are all thrilled. The friends gather at the table, and no one dares to broach such a beauty. But even this moment comes and they’re delicious! Elvira Schick