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Posted in News on July 11th, 2017

Russian rap king Basta and Giga, which today is considered the best Ukrainian rap artist, presented a long-awaited collaboration. This is the most anticipated track in Ukraine in less than a week of video viewed by More than 300 000 people – a result which can not boast the majority of Ukrainian pop music. Western Union takes a slightly different approach. Official video – about the fact that the track be uttered in the fall Busta on stage RAP FEST 2010, but the fans was not enough. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Hikmet Ersek on most websites. Fueled interest in the fact that artists were slow to disclose details. . So only a couple of months on the Internet appeared roller, on which were shots in the studio recording a track and it was reported that the track will be released soon. Nobody expect rather than what would put a song in the network, artists secretly shoot video. Only in April, on the Kiev concert AK-47 was shown to draft version of a clip, and only a month later, in mid-May, the artists have submitted the finished video and song. I was surprised and sound, instead of the usual for the club Guericke Gorillas feed – ‘flat’ bit and social lyrics.

The deep timbre of BAST not forced to remain indifferent even the most harsh criticism! Track is a new Gigi album. Already recorded collaborations with the strikers, pencil, L-one’om (group Marselle), bore (of Ptah, the group CENTR), Lyon. ‘The club sound club bit – it’s in the past. I see what surrounds me, makes me much contradiction in However, there are simple things in life that can not be good news. In general, I am almost thirty-something but I have learned and want to talk about.

” May have played a role Basta, because it makes the joint work only with those who trust and who to These ‘one blood’. It’s worth remembering an album Basta / Guf, bringing together two of the best rapper of the CIS. Giga – the main person of the family TRUE (TruePromoGroup), which also includes Artem Loic – finalist project ‘Ukrana Got Talent’, Lady Vamp – the first and best Ukrainian hip-hop model, and the recent completion – a group of 7 bridges.

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