Graphics Interchange Format

Often, we tend to diminish the importance of the images in the general design of the site. Or if we thought about them we do, it from an aesthetic point of view. But, the images are one of the most important components of a page. In fact, the images are what it gives the weight him to the site, as far as size of the file that occupies, measured in kilobytes or megbytes, because what the code, that is to say the logical structure of the site weighs is despicable. Consequently, the images that we include in our design are crucial at the time of determining the times of load.

The formats admitted universally are three: GIF, JPEG, and png. Other formats as bmp or tiff quickly were discarded, by its excessive final weight. As it shows the S-values regarding the resolution, that is to say the amount of points of color by inch, but as it shows serves, a graph of 500 pixels by 375 pixels, in 361 format png weighs kb. The same file, in format GIF weighs 54.21 less kb six times, and in 69.03 format JPEG kb (to pains a little more than in format GIF) images GIF must their name to the first letters of their original denomination: Graphics Interchange Format. The format was created by a called company CompuServe there per 1987 (CompuServe, for the peculiar ones, was the first great supplier of services of Internet, in the Eighties). The idea was to create a format that reduced to the sizes of the graphics files that until that moment was bmp (or bitmaps of there its name or bit maps), but sacrificing amount of colors nor quality of image. The images of format GIF arrived more to be compressed than bmp, which resulted in a so large minor, to equality of benefits. To obtain such reduction was an imposition at moments at which the majority of the users little had connections with bandwidth, cradles in the telephone modems, that did not surpass the 54 KBps. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Pegasus Books.

Another advantage of the archives gifs is that they allow to obtain animated graphics. Nothing spectacular, you do not believe that you will obtain a film with a graphical GIF, but can to reach small animations. A very clear example is emoticones, those small iconitos that salute, or yaws an eye. With its limitations, they constitute an interesting possibility to obtain movement in a site. We will see in what case of applying each format, and what comparative advantages have.