Giant Posters

Giant poster professionally print giant posters can be at reasonable prices printed often produced this poster in the offset printing or digital printing. Especially the offset printing is widely used in many areas. In the sections of the book or newspaper printing, this is the high requirements, that the most common procedure. Many years ago, a prefabricated stone used for this type of printing. This was very labour intensive as well as cumbersome. Nowadays, created printing films are used in making the giant posters in the Offsetmodus on the computer. There is a film, which automatically can be transmitted by means of modern software from the computer on the plate for each color gradation. An alternative is the digital printing.

Nowadays, especially giant poster in this way will be printed. Fixed printing plates not – used this procedure as with offset printing. This procedure is based on a so-called vector graphics. Here the motif to be printed transmitted digitally to the printer and pieces within the graphics processed piece. This digital process, switching between resolutions and formats is possible. In particular in the area of the giant posters and outdoor advertising, this method offers clear advantages.

Giant poster print was therefore cheaper. Since the dependence on fixed plates falls away, the possibility of customising is significantly larger. In addition to the flexibility also the cost factor is much lower to classify as with offset printing with digital printing. Specially for low runs the giant posters can be produced by no other method so cheaply and quickly.