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Munich is the by far most expensive rental market in Germany. Anyone looking for an apartment in Bavaria’s metropolis, will soon realize this. If you have read about Rob Daley already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It is immaterial, which searches one form of real estate. Whether new or old building, apartment or family home – with more than 13 euros per square meter the median rent was the real-estate consultants Jones Lang LSalle in the first half of 2012 to 1.65 euro via, for example, of Frankfurt, the second-placed city in the hit list”the most expensive rents of in Germany. While you complain one under the high rent, the others see as an opportunity. “Because who today in Munich to buy an apartment as an investment, can expect to be able to rent them reliably and at a high level”, says Michael Balek, Portfolio Manager at the Munich-based Group of euro Grundinvest. The reason for the high rents is the discrepancy between supply and demand. Because demand is constantly increasing, the supply of new housing but is growing slowly, thus increase the prices.

Alone between 2006 and 2011, the number of inhabitants rose to 30,000 Households to 85,000 people. Smaller apartments are in particular demand, since living in Bavaria’s capital 50 percent singles. According to estimates, about 200,000 new homes missing in Munich until 2030. This number is based on that statisticians assume until then an increase of population to 10 percent. Then, experts, around three million people will live in the economic region of Munich. This development offers investors two quite different opportunities”, so the Portfolio Manager for the euro Grundinvest. For those who can find a long-term commitment of capital and at the same time bring the necessary financial means, should over the purchase of real estate as an investment think so, for example, a condo. However, those who are looking for a shorter capital, may also only require far less capital than you for the purchase of a condo in Munich, euro Grundinvest offers investment schemes with an above-average rate of return on short term to”so Balek.

Unlike as in classic real estate fund investors in the Fund offers benefit by euro Grundinvest a long-term rental, but shall be involved up front in the value chain of real estate. Because of the development of real estate, their construction and subsequent sale is the most lucrative in the whole real estate business. Exactly this, the Munich-based real estate company allows investors to participate. You will be even given this in respect to the achievable yield against the euro Grundinvest management. It is the great demand, in particular, that so inspires this business: due to the rapid sales of apartments a quick return can be namely realized, usually the apartments are already sold, a high percentage before the actual construction begins. This creates security even on the investment. Who would like to learn about euro Grundinvest offerings can do this via the Munich-based consulting company CSM conqueror sales & marketing. This is the opportunity to participate in a minimum of 15,000 euro or through convenient monthly savings rates on the business of the Munich real estate specialists for investors.