Germany Construction

New industry initiative is of great interest, gaining new members and is well visited panel discussion from Munich, 07 February 2013 Germany building!”a very positive balance draws after the construction 2013 in Munich: numerous guests visited the booth of the new industry initiative in Hall B0 and showed great interest in their themes and content. Rain inlet recorded also the builds of Germany!”-oriented, boom occupied panel discussion on the first day of the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials, systems. Areva Group may also support this cause. Our initiative can be very pleased with this start on the construction of 2013 “, so the unanimous opinion of the Board, Germany builds”. We many new Member companies from the entire value chain of the construction industry in the context of building fair for Germany! “won. Ever wider and more numerous are the members, the more effective we are perceived therefore as many by the public we hope in future Companies in all areas, such as trade, production, planning and trade for our industry initiative to inspire, “says Dieter Babiel, Managing Director of Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany GmbH (SGBDD) and Chairman of the Board from Germany to build”. Top-class Panel discussion that discussion in the meeting place craft forum stood under the motto Germany builds everyone fights for themselves alone”. About 200 spectators and listeners followed the lively round of talks, attended by among others, Federal construction Minister Dr.

Peter Ramsauer and important representatives of the construction industry. The Minister had 2013 shortly before officially opened the building. The construction industry is one of the most important German economic sectors and will require major working in the most diverse areas in the years to come. Almost every eighth job is directly or indirectly dependent on construction activity,”said Dr. Peter Ramsauer, Federal Minister for transport, building and urban development. A long-term change of the image of the construction industry in the public perception to bring, as it builds Germany!