General Service Board

History the idea of organizing a historical collection of the community of Alcoholics Anonymous records came from the hand of Bill w. in the 1950s. Bill was increasingly more concerned because the history of Alcoholics Anonymous is still wrapped in the mist of depth. Knowing that the correspondence of the Office remained loosely in the drawers of the headquarters, had to organize our historical archives. He, personally, recorded memories of veterans in the Akron / Cleveland area, sent boxes of blank tapes for others, encouraging them to record their memories of Bill far-reaching vision indicates a message file that is still sound. As he said: every one of the new developments have, after Yes, a huge amount of dramatic incidents and stories in abundance in the experience. It is not difficult to prepare made of a sheet of what happened is, when people entered, began to create groups and dates as well on.

The difficult thing is to dip into the atmosphere of the entire procedure and anecdotal material that will make the early experience with life. After many decades of tireless organizing and preparation, the archives Hall opened with an inauguration ceremony in November 1975. Since then, makers of the archvos and custodians that play roles in the Committee’s files of the General Service Board have encouraged the importance of service file, which is vital for the survival of the community. As a result of this work, today almost all areas have created archival collections, and there is a significant growth at the district level. Historical records help us to browse through our experience of everyday life in recovery and go back to the shared experience of the past. As we separate the myths from the facts, we ensure that our original message of recovery, unity and service remains the same in a changing world, growing, the expansion of scholarship that is constantly renewed.