Future Work

Do you think in the future, employees will be one and all dressed in business suits, young people sitting in an office behind a desk from nine to six? HR-experts believe that the office will soon become, merely a place where people meet and exchange ideas, and the concept of workplace disappear. Working day from 9.00 am to 18.00 gradually replaced by individual schedule, in which the employee can choose for myself comfortable for hours. Probably in the future will no longer be offices in the conventional sense. Instead they will have a small business center, located near the offices of the subsidiary. More and more people will work from home, resulting in lower costs companies to rent for the premises.

Remote Access Technologies will allow employees to work no less effective than in the office. In business centers will be organized by the peculiar business community, in which workers above all be able to visit, for example, a hairdresser or a cafe. In the office people will be coming only to socialize, to discuss operational issues. Efficient infrastructure will facilitate communication and system management. All this positive impact on employee health and reduce stress levels.

Changes in the organization of working time will have a huge impact on employees. They will have to become more flexible to adapt to working in an environment where cross different time zones, languages and cultures. Focusing on the future of these professionals, employers today are considering telecommuting as an option is quite effective organization business process. There is a growing Internet sites offering to work remotely. In the future these services will become very popular. It is now about 3.1 million people permanently or from time to time work home, and experts believe that in the near future their number will double. Specialists in Recruitment believe that the growing popularity of ‘virtual jobs’ and’ virtual communities “leads to change in the way of attracting and retaining qualified staff. Forward-thinking employers are already aware that the transition to a system of hiring “teleworkers” – a significant savings for businesses. Remote Recruitment is based on communication via the Internet that allows you to work from home. Such options for the business process as flexible, remote working, mobility and work at home-office help to establish a balance between work and personal life. Following this latest trends in work organization increases employee productivity and competitiveness, reduce congestion and transport of megacities air pollution, improve health, helps find employment representatives of disadvantaged groups and helps to harmonize work and personal time.