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Success with radio, travel, single events and community Cologne, January 28, 2008 –, one of the most important single exchanges in Germany last year their membership to 26 percent once again strongly increased. In January 2009, the Personals has over 1.5 million members. Thus, on the front seats of the major comparison portals has established itself. Radio collaborations and single trips In January started together with broadcasters RADIO 21 classic rock! and Rockland the single radio broadcast rock looking pants”and initiated a first single journey together with the broadcasters. The unusually close cooperation in marketing media caused a stir. Since then also single parties in various cities are new in the offer.

Also hosted the dating since mid-2008 successfully nationwide single events; as single dinner, creative courses for singles or photo shoots. We offer a very interesting variety of contact and recreational opportunities now”our community, describes Christian Kirschey, Managing Director of, the programmatic complement. Brand new: together with Sunwave a well-known provider of industry the Personals offers now also single travel. New Cologne for further growth is very well placed; Since September 2008, the company in the media city of Cologne sits. Generous office space provide space for 30 staff, six are currently advertised. Nice wide wide media interest the media interested in was last year. Media, Frankfurter Neue Presse, express, mens health, Suddeutsche press, morning post, RTL reported the single stock point 12, world, Berliner Morgenpost, Volksstimme, W & V, new press Hanover, Leipziger Volkszeitung newspaper and many more. Press contact: Sylvia Ostmann Tel.: +49(0)221-97999820