Framing Physical Framing

Aquando of detention, the place duly was signaled and the suspended mechanical works. After it visits to the place on the part of the Technician of the IGESPAR, Dr. Carlos Bathes, and having in consideration that the place collides directamente with the Workmanship, was praised as measured of minimizao the archaeological hollowing of the place, the integral register of the structure where the stock market of materials was identified, in the direction of one better understanding of the observed reality. Framing Physical Framing the place in question meets located in the clientele of Valley Pleasures, concelho of the Fundo, district of Castello Branco, meeting mapped in the Military Letter of Portugal n 256 (to scale 1/25 000). Geographic framing concelho of the Fundo meets fit, of the geographic point of view, in sop This of the Mountain range of the Gardunha, being limited, administratively, the North for the concelhos of Covilh, Belmonte and Sabugal; to This for the ones of Penamacor and Idanha-the-New; the South for the one of Castello Branco; the Southwest for the one of Potters; West for the one of Pampilhosa of the Mountain range. Description-Archaeological framing is known, in the currently corresponding territory to concelho of the Fundo, nestings and vestiges that characterize a continuous occupation of the space associates, in its majority, the water lines, important links of explorativo order of the landscape. In the region corresponding vestiges to the prehistoric period are known, that go since the Superior Paleolithic period (rupestres registrations of the clientele of the Baroque one) to Neolithic period (funerary instruments of polishing anfiboltica rock and elements in the southwestern zone of concelho in the clienteles of Orca and Zebras). Datvel of period Proto-description is the amuralhados town known ones of Old Covilh and of the Covered Fundeira, among others with continuous occupation (castros romanizados), as they are the cases of the Mount of Are Brs, of the Mount of Are Roque, of Saint Menina and Petrota.