We are not responsible for the emotions, but than we do with the emotions. Jorge Bucay Malgastamos much the time, in not paying attention, the important thing that he is to know how to handle our energies, our capacities that have bequeathed us when appearing in this dimension, in being kind and to surprise to us, which so authentic we stay and we have not let ourselves contaminate by the persuasion that others can generate to us. Doctor in Philosophy Daniel Goleman (1995) does us reference on flow of works of Mihaly Csiksszentmihalyi, psychologist of University of Chicago that during two decades of investigation has reunited testimonies of optimal performance and counts the case of Diane Roffe Steinrotter, that obtained a medal in ski in the Olympic games of winter of 1994, who commented that when concluding its participation in a ski race, that did not remember anything except for being immersed in relaxation: He felt to me like in a cascade. Whichever times have been you in that state? He paid attention to him a it, what felt? How to explain it? One felt tired in realising some work with which it was identified totally? , it would be some questions that could be done. The certain thing, that in the flow as comments Goleman, the emotions not only are contained and canalized, but is positive, is stimulated and mentally ill with the immediate task. To be catched in the boredom and the depression (as it often happens) or in the agitation of the anxiety means to be excluded from the flow. Nevertheless, the flow (or a more tenuous microflow) is a experience that almost everybody has from time to time, especially when reaches the optimal performance or arrives beyond its limits that settled down at the beginning. Of course, it affirms Goleman, the flow is a state of forgetfulness of itself, the opposed thing to the pondering and the preoccupation, the person who is in a flow state is so engrossed in the task that is realising that loses brings back to consciousness of itself and leaves the small preoccupations – the health, the accounts, the preoccupation to even make the things good of the daily life.