Financing The Plan

Also it exists controversial about the origin of the bottoms to finance this plan. In a note written for the Argentine newspaper the Nation, Fernando Laborda criticized the use from the obtained bottoms of the estatizacin of the AFJP since it jeopardizes the saving of the retired futures. In an article than more interesting, it said: the national authorities used that the estatizacin of the system jubilatorio was caused for " to protect to the futures jubilados". If fixed deposits on credit constituted with bottoms administered by the AFJP would be renewed today by a period of a year, would obtain an interest rate near 25%. Nevertheless, the national authorities have given to understand that they will use those bottoms for loans to the productive sector to a year of term to a rate that goes up to around only 11%. The way of &quot will be that; proteger" the savings of the previsual system? Beyond the critics and possible praises that the plan received, the question that matters to respond, given the objective of the same is: Will be effective the new plan anticrisis? From their announcement, several analysts have criticized the insufficiency of the plan as far as their magnitude, beyond the distribution of the same.

The reality indicates that the country is limited like being able to implement a size of greater magnitude, reason why the key will pass through fire effect that is gambling. And here it is where again it returns the subject that mentioned to them about the systematic negation of government of its responsibility in the situation of the Argentine economy. This negation does not make another thing that to produce uncertainty since the government, when not recognizing errors in his management is giving to understand that probably he returns to commit the same more serious errors or to maintain his position.