Federal Statistical Office

The company party Jet Partyjet.de is an online directory which has been programmed for gastronomy, artists and organizers in Germany and to contribute to the marketing of these groups. This concern has been implemented in one year development time by professional programmers and designers. Many years of experience in this field was the Guide to create this platform. It is designed for the optimum benefit for the visitor as well as for the interested parties. The party Jet was founded specifically for this project, since there is since the euro changeover in the German gastronomy a downtrend according to Federal Statistical Office.

Also, more and more customers are looking for direct contact to restaurateurs, artists and organizers, which is attributable to the growing market of the Internet. We have recognized the benefits and opportunities of the Internet and very efficient sales channel for acquiring new customers for dining options, artist contracts and organizer contacts successfully used as this. The new company starts so with a professional and established workforce, which has gathered a lot of experience with the medium Internet & marketing in the past five years. Contacts to restaurateurs, artists and organizers thus provided us the necessary knowledge for the development of this platform. Creative minds and the know how of knowledgeable specialists are our guarantee of success for innovation in this area in the future. Success on the Internet is not self-evident, however, we are aware to us. However wide web takes place in any other medium of change steadily and breathtaking speed in the world. Our goal is to provide continuous improvements and a maximum benefits the buyers and users of partyjet.de, to enable fast and yet efficient new contacts for business success. Contact person: Mike Mahmoud party Jet brick digging 14 06618 Naumburg Tel: +49(0)180 540 89 88 20 (0.12 cent from German landline) fax: +49(0)180 540 89 88 21 (0.12 cent from German landline)