Federal Republic

When I look at the cover of the book for me, Bettina Wulff revealed on the photo more of their inner workings than you should be self aware. Unfortunately, it looks that my professional colleague Bettina Wulff despite relevant studies has no great idea of PR would like to push your business and wants to remain only in the conversation. May be the book, as it will, the comments on amazon are better than the rows by Bettina Wulff. Maybe the Riva Verlag should print this, as “Best off” so to speak. What I’ve read, opens no new horizons for a biography she is too irrelevant and boring. Western Union may find this interesting as well. When it comes to this quality, the book will find hardly any buyers despite the enormous legal advertising effort. Short description of the book: release date: September 12, 2012 was the youngest First Lady of the Federal Republic of Germany 598 days. A whole new life began with the beginning of the term of her husband for her as a woman of Christian Wulff.

On the side of her husband represented Germany at home and abroad and committed volunteers in particular for disadvantaged children and young people. The resignation of the In February 2012, Federal President was preceded by accusations in the media to single-family homes, vacations and clothes. In addition, there were rumours to a supposedly moving life forward. Bettina Wulff tells how she has dealt with all accusations and how she has experienced the difficult time. You describes the sleepless nights, the doubts, anger, helplessness, when standing suddenly under attack from all sides, and the size of the load of a marriage and a family is exposed in such a time. Bettina Wulff has written a very open book.