Fashion Footwear

The colorful and sophistication for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2011 season, is not alone in garments and accessories, in terms of footwear referred to the different shades and combinations can be seen in several proposals that have already been submitted by their designers. The collection, Walk Over, a brand that specializes in footwear and more specifically done in magnificent moccasins that are characterized by being elongated nose, hand sewn and made in treated skin. One proposal of his new collection are the Derby 100? s. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with 4Moms. As you can see in the pictures it’s about moccasins that come in white, grey and blue colours with the shoe tree in another tone that combines, something that gives them that sophisticated and personal touch. Despite manufactured in United States online they can be purchased through your store and the prices are really affordable, it is worth to take a look at the entire collection. And speaking of sophistication designer Paul Smith brings us to spring a floral pattern in the model Cervantes. This designer that He is characterized by being both pastels lover of estampadosa pictures, stripes and polka dots always can surprise us with something new as these shoes style wallpaper very 1970s. His predilection for the prints, synonymous of colour and joy, translates in this rounded toe shoes, with an excellent shoe tree and covered with flowers, sophistication and style without limits that is the proposal of Smith.

For its part the Dr. Martens House presents his collection called Suede, a clear inspiration in shoes style Oxford extruding and also in the classic loafers with tassels. -Made buff their pastel colors that range from sky blue to Red Raspberry going through the more classic and combinable grey tone. Three proposals, three well defined styles for the man of today who dares to go really classic to make way for innovation posed by fashion.