Experience Perception

Posted in News on November 2nd, 2013

Not long ago, I traveled in eastern Ohio and Chicago. While there, I was surprised that the friends I made along my journey seemed to have completely different observations of the situation in which they lived. For example, when asked what the winters were like in your town, I totally opposite answers to people, depending on where they lived originally. When I asked the question of a former Californian, I spoke as if he had landed in Siberia, the counting of snowfall and treacherous conditions meant only the most savage of beasts. When I asked the same question from a native resident, painted a beautiful picture of the seasons, each more spectacular than the last, telling wonderful memories of being lucky enough to grow in such a picturesque land.

What is the difference here? Their perception of their experience dictates. It's like the old stories about a bank robbery. The event could take place in broad daylight, with 30 witnesses, but each gives a version completely different from what he saw happen. It's like when someone in your office or home says something to you, and you receive a different message to the desired person. Why is this happening? I think it's because our perception determines our experience. It works this way. I bet at one time or another we have all entered a grocery store and noticed that everyone seemed happy, helpful and cheerful that day. Even people in the queue of the box is full of good humor.

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