Expedition Against Forgetting

A project by Paul HUF in cooperation with the House of culture of Milbertshofen (Munich) In November 2011 marks anniversary of the first deportation of Jewish Munich starting from the barracks for Jews in Milbertshofen to Kaunas for the 70th time. On the occasion of this anniversary, the artist Paul travels HUF (* 1967) along with the Holocaust survivors Ernst Grube (* 1932), the author and journalist Renate Danny Garcia (* 1964) and the teacher and supervisor Helga Hanusa (* 1952) to the destinations of the Munich deportation to Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, Piaski and finally Kaunas. Maximilian Strnad (* 1976), historian at the National Socialist documentation center Munich, accompanied the project content and advises on historical issues. The reports, photos and drawings of this trip daily to Munich are transferred with the help of a travel diary on and a projection on the facade of the Kulturhaus Milbertshofen Curt Mezger square. After returning hoof pictures are Paul initially in an exhibition Public shown and then presented to the population and so the responsibility for communicating its content on given.

The memory moves from the public to the private room and is anchored so deep. Dates for the press date time event Thu, 3 November 16:45 press preview of the projection for photographers at sunset, Kulturhaus Milbertshofen (KHM), Thu, 3 November 18:30 press conference with projection in the dark with Renate Danny Garcia, Paul HUF and Ernst Grube; in connection with subsequent presentation of the book stop Jewish settlement ‘ “by Maximilian Strnad at 19:30 hrs, KHM SA, 5 November 14:00 start of the trip with a hike from the KHM to the freight yard Milbertshofen with interview and portrait way Sun, November 6 7:00 departure from the main station Munich 6-20 November Ernst Grube and Paul HUF go together with other companions on an expedition against forgetting” 6 20 November 19:00 22:00 daily transmission of impressions from the journey (photography, drawing, text) on projection screens at the KHM, and on the Web at Sun, 20 November 13:30 return and end of the journey at the KHM with interview opportunity so, 20 November 15:00 ceremony of remembrance on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the first deportation of Munich Jews to Kaunas in the culture House of Milbertshofen an event of the city of Munich (LHM) with the National Socialist documentation center Munich, the city archives and the Jewish community Munich and Upper Bavaria (IKG). Mayor Christian Ude and the President of the IKG Dr. h. c.

talk Charlotte Knobloch. After the parties to the Memorial to the freight yard of Milbertshofen go. “” Thu, December 1st 18:00 opening of the exhibition in the KHM together with the Department of culture of the LHM, represented by Dr. Hans-Georg of Kuppers culture speakers Fri, January 27, 2012 19:00 Finissage with presentation of the BR-2 report close-up: death in the East “by Renate Danny Garcia on an expedition against forgetting” from February “2012, on Thursdays (except public holidays) 16:00 19:30 distribution of the pictures of the expedition against forgetting” of the Munich population about the art rental in the KHM. Memory seeps out of the public space in the private rooms of the Munich-based. “” Press contact Lars Mentrup, mobile DE: + 49-179-2432770, mobile AT: 779 506, an expedition against forgetting “is part of which commemorates the event series Munich the deported Jews” under the auspices of the Mayor of the State capital Munich Christian Ude on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the first deportation of Munich Jews on November 20, 1941.