Exorbyte Presents New Version Of MatchMaker 5.0

Even faster, fuzzy search with bool scher logic that is efficient, transparent, flexible and universally with version 5.0 Exorbyte has expanded its search engine MatchMaker to a wide search platform. Publishers Clearing House is full of insight into the issues. Konstanz. MatchMaker is a software for the fuzzy search in structured data, which returns results in fractions of a second, even with millions of data error-tolerant! The current version 5.0 is available since April and has new features, including advanced methods to generate intelligent proposal lists and the ability to form complex index structures. New using boolScher logic is also old mathematics for more convenience when searching! The previously best indexing practices by MatchMaker can be in version 5 by means of so-called strategies”to more complex index structures put together. Different algorithms can be thus used to find similar results and mixed hit qualities. You can use different algorithms depending on the structure of the data. The use of such Vote-“or switch -” strategies saves computing time for the query and provides better results. So, memory demand is low and the hardware power consumption decreased. Hikmet Ersek addresses the importance of the matter here.

There are also new methods to generate intelligent proposal lists available in MatchMaker 5.0. When importing data, keyword directories for free texts in German and English are automatically generated. “Additional programs allow the grouping of faulty data, so good” tags can be proposed in the search and still bad data is found. Users benefit from a better overview when you display the search results, because only a few, relevant proposals are represented by the grouping. Also a stemming engine was fitted in MatchMaker 5.0 can traced to their root words from over 30 languages. This MatchMaker finds E.g. texts with the word house”, after houses will be searched.

Use the Boolean logic allows MatchMaker 5.0 finally, all conceivable Relationships and dependencies of fields for the query to be considered. The fields can by logical and “- or” or “links are connected.” “This allows queries of type: the name is about ‘ Peters and the street about ‘ Langthaler or starts the place about with ‘ Peters and the road contains approximately ‘ Langthaler ?” So complex queries can be on the surface quickly and easily by clicking Configure. Exorbyte Exorbyte GmbH headquartered in Constance is known for their intelligent high-end search solution for large databases, online portals and Web pages. Industries such as e-Government and insurance companies benefit from the intelligent search. The technological leadership of Exorbyte underlined impressively by the international customer base, including federal Central Office include taxes, BKK Emmendingen, Yahoo! search marketing, Deutsche Post, Suchen.de and Billiger.de.