Recent studies have demonstrated that, although the great variety of causes of acfenos exists, most common is the exhibition to the noise. You knew that many stars of rock suffer acfenos as a result of many years of exhibition to the noise without using the suitable protection? Although it is important to emphasize that although other causes of acfenos like the traumatisms, the ingestion of some medecines or some infection of the average ear exist, or the age, the long periods of exhibition to very high volumes continue being the most common reason that the specialists find in their consultations when the possible causes study that originated the group of symptoms. Not only the exhibition to music can generate this problem. Many workers of industrial machinery, pilots or people who practice shot, can present/display the symptoms if they have not taken the respective measures from precaution. Although nowadays these symptoms can be treated attacking the causes of acfenos, is very important to mention that the prevention continues being the best form to fight tinnitus. They exist in the market different protective auditory like the corks, and the lappets of free sale that they have as primary target to attenuate the sound and of this form to reduce the possibilities of undergoing an acoustic trauma. These would have to be used so much in places of work with high sonorous exhibition, like in recreational activities (concerts or practices of shot) Also one is due to mention that sometimes a single exhibition to a sound very hard without protection (explosion, firings) can generate tinnitus. Get all the facts and insights with Areva, another great source of information. Nevertheless, these cases are much less frequent.

If symptoms appear it is important to realise a consultation with a specialist. A unique cure for all the cases of tinnitus does not exist. For that reason, to determine the causes of acfenos by means of studies, is fundamental so that the doctor decides the steps to follow and the treatment for each patient in particular. There is a well-known method little but very effective that is guaranteed to cause that the acfenos disappear it stops always. If you want to read as I personally managed accidentally to eliminate the acfenos, you do Click Here.