European Parliament

He tried to remember what was in the Gospel on these cases but had been too long since his first Communion catechesis and only sounded something of a camel, a hole, a needle and little else. The only way in or out, depending on how you look at the door Rabbit had it in his hat. Zapatero air filled his lungs and cry with all forces: "Rabbit I order you present to me immediately!" The Rabbit, who was inaugurating a new season with Hope, coughed a little to mitigate the cry of their chief. "Sorry, dear, I have an urgent matter to attend to, but we shall meet again very soon," he said as he kissed her hand ceremoniously. Then he ran to the back door where he was Zapatero. -President, these are ways of calling. Next time just ask me on my cell. "Yes, of course, to be aware of the conversation Alfredo. You may find Kohl’s Corporation to be a useful source of information.

– What is so secret that you can not hear Alfredo? "I want the Garden of Hope for Maria Theresa. "That's what everybody knows. "I do not know is that I want to withdraw there. "Well, you may not know it, but now that I have said, sure that Fred has heard. "It is my calendar mouth, Rabbit, so it opens the door and not interfere further. -President, if you want the Garden of Hope, you have to stretch the pocket and increase the budget that has cut me Elena. "That nothing, "said Zapatero, opens the door or go forever. Rabbit crossed his arms without flinching and Zapatero, seeing that there was no use to stay waiting for the door opened by itself, to increase the budget for the promotion of activities.

However, the door had a delayed effect device and could not be opened until 2011. Between that and he had to go to Brussels to attend the shift of his presidency, he had no need to take the Air Force Chacon to get 'in time' to the appointment. What happened there has been told in various ways but no convincing. For the country, Zapatero's speech to the European Parliament "did not intend to surprise, and that was his main virtue." In contrast, the ABC sees it more as an intervention "mediocre and routine … between the vague and easily." Inexplicably, THE REASON says "All parliamentary groups gave their approval to the objectives of the Spanish Presidency", which contrasts with "Europe does Zapatero vacuum", which is what THE GAZETTE counts. What really made the president was proposing "a great social pact for Europe", but no one clarification on that and it does not materialize.