European Education

Stefan Zeig, (2002) in his book the world of yesterday. Memoirs of a European draws beautifully place hidden and forgotten where happiness can be found at this time. If I have to be sincere, throughout my school days was not but a constant and exhausting boredom increased year on year due to my impatience to rid me of that routine nuisance. I do not remember having meaning cheerful and happy at any time during my school years. monotonous, ruthless and tasteless – us embittered thoroughly the time free and beautiful life was a listless and bland, learning directed not towards life but learning itself, things which imposed us the old pedagogy. And the only truly happy and joyful moment I owe to the school was the day that its doors were closed in my back forever this new vision causes students to fall into a few centuries in the nihilism and hedonism (Gallegos, 2001) and leads to the education to which UNESCO describes today how catastrophic, by their low educational levels, high percentage of abandonment, violence, depression and drug abuse, among other serious problems. (UNESCO, 2005). Towards the end of the 20th century began to gestate concerns giving as a result the appearance of new education proposals, aspects such as freedom, respect, individuality and the rescue of spirituality are present.

Among these proposals, is one that brings together educators from around the world, which aims to inquire about a new education that is able to form a new human being, were responsible for living and intelligently in this century that starts in the 90s in Chicago. (Gallegos, 2001). The new paradigm is education holistic which is supported by the thought of great pedagogues, recent scientific contributions, and in the essence of spiritual philosophies that remain intact over thousands of years and which meet in what are called perennial philosophy. (Gallegos, 2001).It seems that humanity after living several centuries without spirituality transported suddenly looking for sense and in the thought of great men of diverse disciplines revives the yearning.