Eugenia Hernandez Martinez

Lift your head so that the sound can come out whole. Imagine you have to send your voice to a distance of eg 5 meters and should get there with all its force and clarity. Then imagine that your voice should reach 10 meters and try to get direct, clear and strong. It is also good switch by varying the volume, that is, at other times very softly singing (Piano) as if they sing in the ear of a person. But keep taking your air properly, continue with diaphragmatic breathing and only reduce the intensity of his expulsion of air. Just change the volume. But singing loud or piano, you should listen well, is very close or distant. This is another exercise to control or manage the output of air: Take a candle and carefully not to burn your lips closer to four or three inches from the flame, then say and hold the letter u.

The sound (air) should come off very slowly. The key is not to extinguish the flame. Of course, this will be achieved if you master the air expulcion because if expelled very strong, obviously off the flame. Perform this exercise as many times as necessary until you saying uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu … Very close to the flame, this is not extinguished. In this way you are learning to control the “key” air. Insist on all the exercises we’ve seen, and alternate phrases saying or singing a bit, once again smooth and strong.

If you want a daily self-assessment, try this exercise: breathe and say: “Thanks to my hen, the eggs I have. Every day I have one, I have two, I have three, I have four, I have (and continue until you reach your breath) . The success is that each day has more eggs … That wi