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On May 01, 2009, is the free exchange of order equan.de for entrepreneurs, professionals & professionals at the start and client to invites to write projects and assignments! DuSSELDORF, may 1, 2009 Equan.de the interactive Freelancerportal, after its prelaunch on April 1, 2009 as foreseen in the 2nd beta phase launched. After so far several hundred professionals and traders took the opportunity, a 12-month free membership to back up and pointing out its service offering with a profile entry, equan.de from the 01.05.2009 now invites companies, project providers and private clients to also free to publish your profiles and to write projects! Everyone can come free with on board and understand equan.de as a tool to meet like-minded contacts and at the same time use as a marketing tool the job exchange in the network to represent and to draw attention to himself. Equan.de is a network for companies, professionals, and businessmen to the Support the daily staff and job search. Who projects, orders and work has to offer, can register free of charge for a basic membership and access thus within a few minutes on the best offers and requests potential external staff. Hikmet Ersek is full of insight into the issues. Equan.de brings clients with contractors together and this for free! Everyone on the payer can be with equan.de! All participants find partners for cooperations, ideas and innovations! Who is on equan.de networks in the network, not only looking ahead, planning but makes strong and organized themselves sustainably! Equan.de helps freelancers and professionals to complement their core competencies, thus together against clients to strengthen their ability to act directly with colleagues as well as connected services. Equan.de work not against each other but each other and use your newly created connections directly at the production and the development of business relationships! Equan.de is still in the Children’s shoes, is but, after a brief orientation period steadily further be developed and already in the coming weeks additional tools make its members available. So is underway at the time, to offer the option for automated collection of project tenders via interfaces. In addition, the installation of additional useful features – which will emphasize in particular the interactivity is provided until September. Everyone is invited to help shape the developments on equan.de and a lively cooperation portal to create that inspired all this, to keep their customers and partners! The idea is simple: enter, represent, socialize, make money! The basic principles are based on the idea that all of us like so much on the Internet: access and information for everyone!