Industrial accident is on directly to the conditions of the physical environment and the exercise of the activity developed in the same. Some causes of accidents occur in virtue me the use or absence of the equipment of individual protection (EPI) and collective (EPC) in the workstation. The incorrect use of these equipment exists for cultural reasons or of recklessness of the collaborators, and finishes at risk placing the proper security and of the collective. Being thus, industrial accidents elapse for factors and ambient variants or of the proper individuals. The risks influence in the accident, however me the use of the equipment of protection and security increases the possibility of occurrence of accidents. 3 Responsibilities of the Employer For long period the organizations if they judged immune to any responsibilities with its collaborators, since whom it was in day with its working duties.

The employment-related accidents were directed to the agencies of assistance to the worker and the event was locked in with this procedure. Of Placid and It hisses (1980), in its Legal Dictionary, presents the following definition for responsibility: Vocbulo of responsible is formed, to answer, by Latin respondere, takes by the one in the significao to make responsible, to come guaranteeing, to assure, to assume the payment of what it was compelled or what practised. As it detaches Pablo Stolze Gagliano and Rodolfo Pamplona Son (2006), responsibility for the right is the duty to assume the legal consequences of a fact, being estimated the harmful activity of somebody. Nowadays, situations as, omission or indifference on the part of the organizations, can cause to employment-related accidents or ocupational diseases. The responsibilities of the organizations if also extend to the terceirizados collaborators who are in its service, answering solidarily with the contracted one for facts occurred in its dependences. The fulfilment of the referring labor law to the health norms and security of the work, also with terceirizados, assuring its idoneousness in misfortunes that can occur.