Employer Relation Advice

Ask questions to the employer, which will increase your chances of getting a job. Of course, you have a question: salary, social package, vacation. But leave it to last. Now you can add a few points in your favor to have recruited. Question 1. Ask the prospective employer: "How do you relate to the" Professor.

education "and professional development." Every employer appreciates an employee wish to increase their professional level. Especially if this is due to the internal motivations of the employee. Analogue question: "What are the opportunities in the company to increase their professional knowledge and skills." Question 2. Find out: "What are the objectives and plans will be put before you?" The question reflects Practical interest in your assigned tasks. One of the important qualities that an employer looks for in applicants is the ability to move toward the goals and solve tasks. Question 3. Ask: "Tell me about the internal corporate culture? "On the theme of corporate mission is the" namolenaya "among HR managers. They spend hours can reason from what is and what to strive for "their team".

Some do it sincerely, the other a tribute fashion to the "corporate". Give your companion a few pleasant minutes. Question 4. Ask: "What are the plans of the company in its market segment?" As part of corporate culture are always a 'healthy ambitions'. About plans and ambitions of the company, like to tell any of loyal employees. Of course manager or personnel manager, who takes you interview the most loyal of employees. In any case, the employee employing organization with pleasure will present the company's plans. But the first steps you will demonstrate the interest and loyalty to his new job. Questions posted complement your positive image. Now required to prerehodite pragmatic questions about the terms of compensation, payment, etc. This will emphasize your practical and businesslike approach to his new job. Good luck in the interview and in employment.