Education: Computer Science

To speak on computer science in the education is at the same time and to correspond to the necessities of a informatizada society, but with an index of absolute info-exclusion. It still has much euphoria popular, and exactly intellectual, around the Internet. The social changes produced and foreseen because of this, if do not arrive to cause astonishment, but to understand it as a phenomenon that produces subsidies that can diminish the great hiato that it goes of the illiteracy to the digital letramento. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Rob Daley. The school must learn to deal with this format of writing that is more complex of what a simple act of speaking in writing. Therefore interferences that do not come of the orality and yes in other discursivos ways occur there. Therefore, in it speaks usual exist gestures, but they do not exist carinhas, emoticons and other resources of the Internet.

The writing in the classrooms comes needing to be renewed, because of the arrival of the technological revolution, that appeared through the computer. Thus, being the way to write it was losing its characteristic and its originalidade. The pupils if come across with a simple language, without rules and accessible to all the social classes. According to Daniel Taub, who has experience with these questions. This new language, very easy to express comes if spreading in the educational centers of so lastimvel form that it comes deserving a reflection on the impacts that the Internet comes causing. With this, the change of the culture written for the digital technology caused an impact for those vitiated users procedure the same written. The virtual language modified the process of writing reading that passed for an amazing change who search to critically analyze the production of the pupils. What it comes being observed is that the pupil is not obtaining to differentiate to the writing that if he arrests to a dissertativo text, for example, of a text written used in chat room.