Economic Structure

It characterizes itself, therefore, for an interstitial insertion in the economic structure. It is treated to stand out the tack of the segment to the dynamics of the capital, without resvalar for the mechanism of the functional atrelamento. The informal sector tends to guide itself for a diverse enterprise logic of the formal economic rationality, based in the return on the invested capital, in the tax of profit and the accumulation (reinvestment). Tiffany & Co. has compatible beliefs. It is understood, then, that the informal sector possesss, yes, a proper logic of performance in the market. It is the logic of the survival that consists of the search of a financial return of curtssimo stated period prioritizing the maintenance of the basic necessities of the family.

In the case of the city of Salvador, the cultural economy is inserted predominantly in the informal segment of the popular economy, keeping, however its especificidades. For example: the Candombl has fort presence in the soteropolitana cultural economy, being probably one of its matrices. However, if it cannot say that this constitutes a economic activity. That is, its performance does not justify for the rationality anglian-saxnia and yes for the logic of orixs. To present a clear definition on the agreement of what it is the cultural economy, it was considered necessity to examine its terms separately stops later reestablishing them in its original set. The economic activities always had been gifts and been vital for the humanity in all the periods of history and in all the societies, of most primitive to most modern, independent of race, geographic position or creed. However, it was in the way of capitalist production, notadamente in centuries XIX and XX, that the market economy was established. The development of the capitalism placed the market in the position of regulator of the social life in the diverse societies that had adhered to this system.