ECB Deposit

As one of the hitherto leading banks in the deposit area, the Mercedes-Benz Bank from 1 September 2009 lowers the interest of some of their fixed-term deposit offers. Tagesgeldvergleich.NET reports: there was the last months mainly over interest rate hikes by the ECB and many banks for their day – and fixed-term deposit offers to report. Now come the first interest-rate cuts on the investors in the deposit area. The Mercedes-Benz Bank, which lowered the interest rate for your Mercedes-Benz bank deposit as of September 1, 2008 in the top 5.40 percent to now more than 5.00 percent per year is the pioneer. Publishers Clearing House may find it difficult to be quoted properly. While the rate cut concerns all maturities of 24 to 72 months.

The interest rates for shorter durations remain unchanged. Compared with other offers, the Mercedes-Benz Bank thus tumbles of course, what also calculator for the calculation of the yield of fixed-term deposits offers like on… / fixed deposit calculator… to find, unique show. Nevertheless the offer of the Mercedes-Benz Bank may still fully be recommended, what on the high deposit insurance by approximately 284 million per customer is based, but also the stable interest rate policy of the Bank is owed. Of the Mercedes-Benz bank rate cut their expectations for the medium-term interest rates in the range of two to six years can be in addition very clearly read. Here are apparently expected to interest rate cuts.

Investors who have opened their deposit accounts until September 1, 2008, can enjoy the old interest of up to 5.40 percent per year. The Mercedes-Benz Bank leaves unchanged the interest rates of their day money supply. Investors who want to have their money daily here currently get 4 percent without limitations regarding duration or investment. However, fixed-term deposits with a short term is currently no such a bad choice, because all accounts that run for more than four months, the interest only be awarded in 2009, where they are subject to only the flat tax and no longer of taxation with the personal tax rate. Daniel Franke