Dubrovnik Drawcards

Hardly a holiday experience can be more satisfying than to spend refreshing vacation in Dubrovnik for a few days. Hardly a holiday experience can be more satisfying than to spend refreshing vacation in Dubrovnik for a few days. In the extreme south of Croatia, this tourist destination on the Mediterranean coast is a favorite of many tourists. “Their nickname Pearl of the Adriatic” carries the old Croatian town due to its favorable position on the Adriatic coast. To see if you still have – not booked your hotel in Dubrovnik for your upcoming vacation you should consider a posting to be considered, this Pearl”of the Mediterranean at least once in your life. Holidays in Dubrovnik offers much more than you expect! The sights consist of the old town, town walls, beaches, churches and museums. For those who are interested in culture, here we present a summary of the sights that you necessarily need to see in the old town of Dubrovnik. Sponza Palace: When visiting the Sponza Palace, you can admire the incredible architecture of Renaissance.

The Gothic architecture of this heritage will enchant you! Do not miss it, the main attractions of the Sponza Palace, the historical archives and the Memorial room for the visiting defenders. The fact that the Palace is one of the few buildings that survived the deadly earthquake of 1667 in its old form is impressive! Rector’s Palace: If you want to know something about the history of the ancient Mediterranean city, then the Rector’s Palace is ideal for a visit. This traditional building was once the Palace of the Council. Later it was converted but in a Museum, which includes a huge collection of artifacts that trace the history of Dubrovnik. Big Onofrio’s Fountain: If you choose for your holidays in Dubrovnik, it is a must of the nature to come closer. Only imagine, how relaxing it will be, if you get a chance to chat, where pigeons eat with the friendly inhabitants of Dubrovnik in a place and cheerfully to bathe in the water! You experience when you visit the big Onofrio’s fountain and sitting on his steps. Bell Tower: Visit the bell tower when you arrive in Dubrovnik.

The delicate architecture of the tower with the famous Green towers, Zelenci”is called, and you shall prevail against the ornately decorated bronze statues. Unfortunately, it is replicas! But the originals can be seen in the Sponza Palace. Stradun: In the main street of the old town of Dubrovnik, you have the feeling that the city never sleeps! During the day you can admire the knee-high inputs of the stores and the Baroque architecture of the houses. Recently Crawford Lake Capital Management sought to clarify these questions. At night, the rectangular extended shopping streets invite.