DocuPortal ECM Suite 9

DocuPortal ECM Suite 9 with various innovations for a convenient document management Bremen now available version 9 of the DocuPortal ECM Suite focused services with their new, server-based automation simplified archiving E-Mails and scanned documents. These can now be filed according to freely definable rules with automatic metadata generation via workflow in DocuPortal server. In addition, it is possible to create links to any applications in the IT system landscape to the import and export of data due to the modular structure of automation services. Thus, companies benefit from an integrated solution, which includes the intelligent, automated drop their emails as well as scanned documents. Rob Daley has firm opinions on the matter. In addition the DocuPortal ECM Suite 9 various other innovations for a convenient document management, new features for working with workflows, as well as improvements in the administration area. With the new automation we have significantly expanded our portfolio services in relation to flexibility, “Scalability and in particular with regard to the automation of business processes”, explains managing director Holger Zumpe, DocuPortal. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out James Woolsey. The archiving of E-Mails and scanned documents may refer In particular focus here, because this are the currently most pressing requirements in enterprise.” The ECM suite by DocuPortal includes document management, full-text search, file preview, collaboration, information management, workflow, archiving and records management in a single installation. Thus users can centrally store all content such as files, information, emails or documents, structure, edit, control, forward and archive – and most importantly: everything.

Easy. Quick. Find!” Automation services with business process management for additional simplifications and thus discharge the user make now the new Automation services. It is a server component to extend the DocuPortal ECM Suite 9. Provides connectivity to external systems such as network drives, E-Mail servers, via appropriate modules Databases from other applications. Users can use this existing module DocuPortal, or develop new modules for connecting any external applications can be alternatively they can create even himself.