This “paid placement” is today in almost all Distributed search engines. The inventor of this idea, Goto.com (now Overture), it drove the system right on the tip and offered placements to the auction. This comes not only the placement under the hammer, but also the quality of the results is losing significance. Further details can be found at Governor Cuomo, an internet resource. Although the providers strive to allow only relevant and higher quality links to the auction, in practice this is a proposition hard to manageable. But in addition, purchased placements must be marked as such.

But surfers want no advertising, but “neutral” information. In contrast to purchased positions, which constitute a new form of advertising or banner, high rankings in the editorial section of the results can only be achieved by consistently applied online-PR. These high rankings without recognizable advertising character produce significantly more contacts and higher click-through rates. The intelligent combination of PR and Internet search engine rankings is an example of “viral marketing”, the completely unexpected surprisingly many Customer contacts can generate. By definition, the Internet is a global medium, but basically the most online marketing tools via different routes can regionalise: technically, the site of an installer in Chicago is as obvious as the offer of the craftsman in the neighbouring road. Of course, still have an offer on the spot is much more interesting, but in most industries. Not by about wise already 30 percent of all searches on Google on a local reference. The user benefits from the increasing relevance of promotional offers from his region – and the system becomes so only relevant as an advertising medium for regional active start-up companies. Against the backdrop of dizzying price of per click on the major search portals, regional online marketing in the future will record solid growth rates. Wolfgang Smejkal