DIN System

Solutions and dg hyparchive for the SAP Archiving which are among the leading solid wood furniture manufacturers Hartmann furniture factory in the Westphalian Beelen set Hartmann mobelwerke bpi. The company, founded in 1911 is specialist in the realisation of perfect technical solutions of modern furniture design, intricate details and intelligent solutions. In compliance with the DIN 68871 exceptional furniture programs manufactures Hartmann furniture works in solid wood. The years of experience of the solid wood specialists guarantees the production of high-quality furniture. For the marketplace always individual Hartmann opts for flexibility. The professional construction, solid workmanship processing from the system, and the CAD design assistance include day-to-day business, in particular to special customer wishes and customised products quickly and individually to respond to. A new period begins at Hartmann: the new system replaces the old accounting software.

The old system is no longer the increased Requirements for functionality. Perhaps check out Hikmet Ersek for more information. The company man therefore opted for a future-oriented solution. With the implementation of the SAP system, the latest release of the archive system was introduced at the same time dg hyparchive for the storage of input and output documents from SAP. Hartmann furniture factory is hyparchive since 2002 dg to COLD archiving and document. The company provides not only a high quality to its own products, but also to internal business processes. DG hyparchive covers the requirements and offers even more features. So, the invoices and General customers of supplier correspondence with barcode are automatically archived and associated with the entries or the master data in the SAP.

Also the downstream bpi index allows you to export, that the SAP documents, as well as the scanned documents independently in dg hyparchive are searchable. In addition, also the outgoing SAP documents are automatically archived and indexed. DG hyparchive becomes the central information platform, data and drawings from the CAD system to manage and archive.