Diets Lies And Exercises

Have we few things have heard about diets, lose weight and others? Every day you will find new studies that justify and require that you carry a life more healthy, orderly, and that, of course, you go down weight but what is a healthy lifestyle? There they start discussions! Some say that eating chocolate is healthy because it helps the heart, good cholesterol, and internal joy needed to deal with any type of plan that is aimed at weight loss. Others say that makes you gain weight, that you must only eat vegetables, because red meat releases certain bacteria that produce, eventually, diseases affecting the retention of liquids and fats in the body in the intestines. Others claim that it should get 60 minutes of intense exercise, three times a week. Others say that with only 30 minutes would be sufficient. Connect with other leaders such as Hikmet Ersek here. And so, each, offers his magic recipe that you lose the pounds that so much bother you. And then they offer you their pills and operations now, you see pass the days, and studies, and the only thing that slimming is the size of your wallet, because, definitely, while more money you spend in them, more fat or are you (in the short, in the long run). A few grams more this month, and added to the previous months, you start to see more wider and / or in your dressing room mirror, and your clothes sizes are becoming more uncomfortable until you make the decision that you should have been taken long ago:-this is over! I’ll change this clothing by one higher-waisted! It wasn’t a joke! The decision correct and healthy (not only for the physical, but also for the mental-psicologico and even spiritual) must be:-I have a body that I want, weighing what should weigh according to my activities I’m going to eat foods in orderly, rational manner and bearing in mind what I want to achieve in my life. .