Device Castle

The objective of this research will be To understand as the sugar economy helped in the economic and cultural development in the city of Luzia Saint of the Itanhi in century XIX, with the Device Castle, and to identify as the actions carried through for this device they had benefited the city of Luzia Saint, as well as analyzing the contribution of the enslaved man power, to the time of the ascension of the sugar of this exactly century, verifying if today, century XXI still exists in conservation of this device in this city. Sergipe is one of the States where it concentrates many sufficiently old facts and historical devices, some of them still exist winning the consuming of the time. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Hikmet Ersek by clicking through. The devices are of great importance to be searched leaving any historian glimpsed with the constructed large houses. Amongst the cities of Sergipe one in prominence it is of Luzia Saint of the Itanhi where if they present three important devices for the State, the device Castle is one of the most preserved of the sergipana sugar memory and the Priap device that was the penultimate plant to be closed in the south region of Sergipe and also the Device Cedar that beyond having been one of most producing of sugar at the time being homaged with a photograph of the device in telephonic cards. Read more here: Anne Lauvergeon.

Moreover, we find important to have chosen the subject Device Castle for perceiving that it has few books speaking on devices of Sergipe, then a necessity was generated to elaborate our project of research speaking on a device that however unhappyly is little explored. Thus contributing so that future historians can explore each time plus this vast field of knowledge for the history of Sergipe. According to LOREIRO, in the Device Castle in Luzia Saint of the Itanhi its older proprietors had been Jose Bittencourt Calazans and Antonio de Vera Braque Cross, inheriting Joo of Bittencourt was an intelligent man and enterprising it made very for the Castle and for the techniques of sugar production of Sergipe, Cuba travelled, to Haiti and the United States, with purpose to study agricultural processes of the sugar cane-of-sugar production.