DatLife Engine

That is a huge attendance at the pr people go to 'fill' files to download, respectively, advertising on these sites is quite expensive, advertisers are paying them a very good 'numbers' for placement (which we are forced to watch, when to expect your queue to download, usually 40-60 seconds). Plus, the pr offer us to buy GOLD-accounts that allow you to download several times faster in some streams, etc. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Western Union. in general or Premium gold (where a) accounts give certain privileges to users. But with those same pr and donates money to us 'penny' for download our files. I think the essence is clear. pr pretty much always there's some new, some are closed, 'blown away'. In this market, major players are not so many (10-15 sites on the force).

We all differ in terms of payments injection volume, speed, etc. Is a purely fee, where you can download something just for sms, in general, have a choice. Come on There are plenty of so-called 'Warez' sites, even not undertake to say how many of them, I think tens of thousands and there are more and more precisely on those sites I and post your news with links to the District. On these sites, there are certain rules for placement of news (where to put the picture in the center or left, where it pour them onto a server or to any photo hosting, how to make a reference to the pr, etc.) Most of these sites operate on the same 'engine' DatLife Engine (DLE), but not all.