Dark Metal

Name KYPCK in cirlico alphabet can be transliterated for the Latin alphabet as Kursk, that can mention the city to it where the biggest battle of tanks of history was stopped, in World War II (TUCKER, 2008; DAVIES, 2009), or to the submarine of same name, that sank in the Sea of Barents, in 2001 (TRUSCOTT, 2003). – Nenasty: Also grafado as NeNasty, neNasty or Ne-Nasty. Duo is about one formed by the singer Nastya Turenkova and the Valery guitarist ' ' Senmuth' '. They execute a mixture of Gothic Metal, Dark Metal and vocal Industrial Metal with feminine, resulting in a work greatly influenced by bands as Theatre of Tragedy, Nightwish, Delain, Coil Gap, After Forever and Within Temptation. Although its letters directly do not approach the history of its country, the same ones are all in Russian, in way that demonstrate the valuation of its native language (METAL-ARCHIVES, 2011).

– Oprich: The Oprich band, formed in 1998, executes Folk Metal, being all its musics sung in Russian. She has alternation of vocal feminine opersticos and masculine baritone voice. The letters of the band speak regarding the Russian folklore, of the paganismo and, over all, nationalism (METAL-ARCHIVES, 2011). – Saint Maria: This Moscovite band mixes Power Metal and Gradual Metal, with the presence of psicodelismo, beyond chorales as back vocal. One is about one of the oldest Russian bands in activity and its musics speak regarding the great ones navigations and piracy, in way that little has to see with the history of Russia. However, they are all sung in Russian, what it serves as a way to divulge, exactly that weakly, the language of its country (METAL-ARCHIVES, 2011). – Stakhanovites: Something singular regarding this trio of the city of Tomsk, in the Siberia, that executes a mixture of Death Metal, Power Metal and until cossaca music, is the subject of its compositions, all sung in Russian.