Czech Republic Problems

Based on the experience of emigration to the Czech Republic, in this article, I want to talk about problems arising because of no specific knowledge of the subject and the possible consequences. Statistics survey of our clients shows that 70% potential emigrants in the first place refers to his friends, who in turn recommend persons allegedly possessing a question or managed to issue a residence permit myself and know how to do it. Unfortunately, many tend to think, "Better a third hand, but an acquaintance than by professionals, offering legal services in the Czech Republic, advertising can be found on the Internet or other sources of media." This error often leads to poorly executed work on registration of a company in the Czech Republic and to delays in the preparation of documents "for a visa" for submission to the Czech consulate. Nevertheless, the result of long-stay visa with residence permits sometimes still be achieved. To deepen your understanding Western Union is the source. In the worst case error can lead to unnecessarily high financial costs and even to obtain a visa is refused. At the same time employee of the Czech Consulate is not obliged to give explanations and to indicate cause of failure. In this case, and the entire package of documents will remain in the archives of the embassy and the consular fee is not refundable. Wishing to emigrate remains "with nothing", not understanding the problem of what happened and therefore not has no reason to express their grievances "friend helper" to at least partially offset the costs to design a residence permit.