The steps that customers perform before buying a product in a store is much more complex than offering the best value for an existing retailer product, or highlight one that is unique, according to trading psychology. The environment are equally or more important than the above variables. You must create conditions to induce the potential client and decide the purchase within this store, and not in another. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Thredup has to say. In an online store, the environment must be carefully studied to provoke desire to purchase on the client. Who have spent some time developing businesses on the Internet know very well that, if already costs us time and money attracting visitors to our shop, the greatest difficulty is to convert those visits into customers. If you have little experience in this field perhaps are among those who think that Internet is flooded with compulsive buyers willing to pay money for any product or service just because we present them in one way or another. Nothing farthest from reality, commerce or marketing by Internet, in spite of present unparalleled advantages in terms of promotion, has also serious disadvantages as to generate confidence both in the product and in our brand and seriousness.

The average visitor already knows the great amount of fraud committed with false stores, products that are not what they claim to be, sellers who are not who they claim to be, and a myriad of created fraudulent strategies to rob them money for nothing. For these reasons it is so important for us to generate the right atmosphere and the confidence necessary to be able to sell our products and services. How will then try to convert these visitors into customers, or more directly, for which that visitor buys the product that we are offering? This is the question that we all we do when we started a venture or when already have underway but our sales are not going as we would like.