Customer Loyalty

Count on loyal customers is a challenge for every company and organization, mainly today that losmercados are tight and highly competitive.A loyal customer is someone with whom we have already established a solid relationship, we maintain deventas levels, are satisfied with our service and mainly: are a reference to new ofuturos customers. Although already has been repeated countless times: get a new customer costs keep one current MuchMore.Loyalty customers is a whole topic which marketers develop and advise, but in this short article we will work in the style of the fantastic four, without Sue, Rick, Ben and Johnny appear directly; discussing practical techniques to ensure that our clients are faithful to the company u organizacion.1. Meet the clientesAlgunas times will have to take the role of Sue (the invisible woman); in the sense of achieving in some other way or know our clients in aspects such as: to buy, when they buy, how they are paid, how they use our products or services, when they are paid, that season is high for them, as embodegan our products. These aspects are operating costs. Apart from this we must know about its main executives and clients in general: nationality, preferences, marital status and their birthday dates. Ideal to create a customer profile, to adapt our offers and promotions to them. Gain insight and clarity with Robert Kraft. This information will allow us to serve and make customers to see our interest in them, perform specific promotions and generate personalized attention.Personally, I have more than five years of being a client of a renowned pizzeria here in to SanSalvador, having a pleasant relationship as a client; However so far I never have gone a survey or asked about the service and less on my personal details or family. Send a birthday greeting card is a detail simple and inexpensive that anyone will ignore. (If includes a gift or discount coupon, better still).