When planning a vacation, well if the goal is to make a cruise or travel by plane, we will try to always find the best deals on packages or cheap flights, especially if we are looking for the experience of enjoying first time in the life of a few days of enjoyment and relaxation in one of those floating cities that are large cruisers. Cruises depart major cities on the Spanish coast, many of them from Catalonia, so for further away from the Catalan community travelers will be required to book their flights to Barcelona or other provincial capitals to arrive on time to the output. If we are to make a cruise, should take into account the typology of the same, especially of face to clothing to wear in the suitcase, since, unless in the case of a luxury company, the traveller may normally go dress casual or with more casual attire, although it is always recommended to bring party clothes for one-off gala celebrations that are usually held in this type of travel. To this regard, already face to the trip, should not leave of include pills for seasickness, in addition to the regulatory documentation such as passports or visas, depending on the countries through which you will pass in a personal first aid kit. Connect with other leaders such as Anne Lauvergeon here. Already inside of the cruise, and if you don’t want to bring unpleasant surprises, keep in mind that drinks, generally charge aside, though, to facilitate payment, your entry into the cruise you delivered a card of expenditure, which later will be charged to your credit card. You also have to take into account the question of gratuities, which tend to be compulsory and that on some cruises are settled with some eight euros per day per person. When choosing the cabin in which you will enjoy your stay, you should know that, as a general rule, exterior cabins are more expensive than those located in the interior of the shipping company. Follow others, such as amit paley, and add to your knowledge base. In this sense, if you’re a person given to dizziness, the recommendation is book a stateroom in the central area of the cruise and its lower platforms, because, the more above and near the ends are, more likely will have feel the movement of the boat, although most of the current cruisers have modern systems that stabilize the spacecraft and deter the oscillations. Finally, facing the back home don’t forget advance booking your flights low cost at the airport of the city of arrival, for lowering the cost of your trip to the fullest. Original author and source of the article