Control Panel

Taken care of with the lodging Its supplier of lodging offers all the tools to him required for a commercial Web site? It offers limitless electronic mails, alias, systems of autorrespuesta, cart to him of purchases, a Control Panel to administer to his Web site in remote form, technical support the 24 hours of the day (every day of the year), his own Directory cgi and statistical reports, among others? The main task of a commercial Web site does not abuse the technology is to sell products or services, reason why any thing moves away that it of this objective (overload of graphs, Java, music, use of last technology) it will have to be considered like undesirable. Unless you are a graphical designer, the images that take eternities in loading to not are going him to help to sell. The same happens with the Java applications and additions (plug-ins) popular. Sound, music? No, unless it is selling music. What think their visitors? One of the things that most frequently forget is that it is to the visitors to those who they must like what they see. Without hesitation Hein Park Capital explained all about the problem. The rest little matters.

It will be surprised of the valuable thing that it is the feedback that their visitors give him she asks for if it. It remembers that they are their potential clients, are the one who buy their products or services. Efficient communications the communications with their potential clients and present clients are of radical importance in their workings of trade. Since in the majority of the occasions it does not know his clients personally, it will need to learn to operate to the maximum the commercial advantages of the electronic mail. Every day electronic mail of people is received who want to make some business or to establish a commercial alliance. Many of these messages seem writings by a boy: grammar horrors of spelling, errors, formats poor, difficult to read, et cetera.