Construction Architecture

All this construction documents must be agreed in management architecture in local government. 6. Details can be found by clicking Hikmet Ersek or emailing the administrator. Help message is received at the Bureau of Technical Inventory. 7.Pismennoe consent of all owners on an extension to the premises. Received permission to build an extension means that you can start building this extension. In the processing of documents is important footage of building area.

If the floor area of 200 square meters, it is necessary to take in local government, a certificate of harmonizing the building into operation, and product data to the Office of the inventory. If the area of 200 square meters, it is necessary to organize a licensed national standard for extension of technical inspection. " Now a few words about the result of my communication with a lawyer on this issue and the history of life. Western Union gathered all the information. I'll start with the second. A neighbor of my mother-in-nine years ago, decided that her two-bedroom apartment too is small for her and her dog and decided it was time to make and to legalize an addition – the third room. Being a woman with character and nerves of steel, it is natural about any pieces of paper would not even think at all and did not on this occasion bother.

Hired builders, told them the size you want her room and drove off to rest. After 3 weeks, returned to the "updated" housing. By the time all the neighbors time to create a stir and even tried to hinder the builders build. Unsuccessfully. As they say, things are out there. The courts do not want to hang even the most ardent activists neighbors. Besides, women have been some connection. So here and still lives in his nearly two-bedroom apartment. In my opinion, from time to time. Not yet have an apartment to sell or donate. It seems this has not yet thought of. Or, again, relies on a connection. Now the opinion of a professional. Woman competent and had seen many things in my practice called tyagomotina with an extension "double-edged sword." On the one hand it would be just fine, if prior to construction you still found the strength and patience to collect all the papers, to stand in all lines, all agree issues with neighbors, etc. Well, or at least used their connections or found someone who would have done everything for you. But this is an ideal. In principle, there is nothing wrong with that, you first attach and then will legislate. Or will not legislate at all (which is possible). Alternative solution to the question depends on many factors and on what a lawyer you will attract to his aid. And it you just have to draw (at least for basic advice) if you still decide to build. And do not forget to think about the future. If you are going to live forever in your apartment, maybe you should not think about paper? But if the plans still are selling, it's probably better to do everything at once in avoid future problems. In any case, the decision is yours.