In many freudianos texts the unconscious one is assimilated to the stressed one, however, reserves a place for innate, filogenticos contents, that they constitute the nucleus of the unconscious one. The contents of the unconscious one are the representatives of the pulso who are fixed in fancies, imaginary histories, conceived as manifestations of the desire, that is one of the polar regions of the defensive conflict. It’s believed that NY Governor Andrew Cuomo sees a great future in this idea. The unconscious desires extend it to an accomplishment, reestablishing on signals to the first experiences of satisfaction, through primary process (LAPLANCHE & PONTALIS, 2001). Freud considers to explain the functioning of the psychic device as a tpica construction. Thus being, in accordance with the place that occupies inside of the psychic device, the unconscious one only can have access to the conscience by means of Conscientious the Daily pay-conscientious system/. In the ticket to this last system, the unconscious contents, are submitted to the requirements of it, way that any content of the Ics* alone can be known will have been transcribed, in way distorted and modified for the syntax dictated for the Pcs/Cs (GARCIA-ROZA, 2007). According to Kusnetzoff (1982), the Unconscious one is the part most archaic of the psychic device. The representations contained in the unconscious one are called representations of thing.

These representations are fragmentos of reproductions of old perceptions of all the directions, made use as a succession of registrations, as a sensorial archive: a set of naked elements of words, whose registration was made at a time where words did not exist (in the first infancy of the citizen). Therefore the unconscious representations form ' ' true ghosts, loaded of proportionate energy for pulses' ' the representations of thing operate in set with the pulsional energy. They possess an easy displacement and exempt discharge, through the primary process, passing of a representation for another one by means of the displacement mechanisms (substitution and descentramento of importance given to the content) and condensation (abbreviation, omission and combination of contents) (p 124-125).