Conference Archive

In other words it is the Internet has become an excellent tool for classical marketing research. Since the Internet – in fact, communicative medium, it gives an excellent opportunity for direct contact between businesses and consumers face the face. By the way, the portal there is a special section called Face to Face, where top managers communicate with their customers. Among the companies who appreciate the feedback from their audience and communicate with her through our Internet portal, I can name Beeline, MTS, S7, StarTravel, LW Railways. And this is not an exhaustive list. To know more about this subject visit Thredup. The organization of such communication is quite simple. We place an announcement about the upcoming conference with a specific top-manager of the given topic, and within one-half weeks of taking questions and suggestions from the audience.

After this period, is arranged on-line for 2-3 hours when posted responses and comments to earlier questions and suggestions, as well as you communicate in real time. Conference Archive preserved and remains available all the time. This format of communication has become quite popular. Since the number of readers’ conferences with the MTS, Beeline and B.. Zhirinovsky was close to two thousand people.

In addition to communicating with senior managers, organizes forums and with politicians, administration and creative personalities. We were conference with Mayor Alexander Sokolov, and regional committee of youth, and statistics. There have been radio and TV presenters, representatives of the fashion industry and entertainment, musicians, including world stars In-Grid.