Company Customers

Another of the important aspects to keep in mind is if all the company’s customers must be treated in the same way, i.e. must provide it consistently equal to all and memorable experiences. The answer is probably not, however is necessary to analyze this point in detail. Here is where the issue of classifying customers, cobra force theme which has much ground assessment. Anyway, anyone who is the business scenario, the companies most boasts a portfolio of clients that are stackable and is evident that some of these groups are of greatest value to the company than others.

Therefore, when designing the contact points, which ensure a positive experience, must be into account, in accordance with the value of the customer to the company, up to that point prepared the Organization to invest in creating memorable experiences for each of the segments of customers. Some basic recommendations that we can do about it: identify groups or segments of its business customers, according to the value they represent to your business design a map of points of contact and interaction with each of these segments of customers throughout their life cycle make an analysis of which are elements that can create memorable experiences for the customer in each of these points of interaction. Use techniques of surveys, focus group, etc. Identify behavior pattern of these groups of customers and enriches the contact points, under a cost/benefit analysis to generate a perception of value and positive experiences. Remember that the East is a highly subjective issue, try to identify patterns and trends with significant samples finally a consideration of importance has to do with the experience of the employee. The customer experience no improvement until it becomes a high priority and work processes, systems and structure of a company change to reflect this.

When employees observe senior executives persistently demanding information about the customers experience and use it to make difficult decisions, their own decisions are conditioned by this awareness. At all points of interaction in which employees are involved, there is a high human component in the implementation of a positive experience by the customer. To the extent that employees do not participate actively in the development of memorable experiences, the efforts undertaken by the company may be failing. It is for this reason that the human factor is of great importance and of business culture in the design of a model of interaction in the client process, where a high percentage of the interaction is developed by employees. Original author and source of the article