Writing texts for a corporate resource is a big responsibility. however, it is often the case after the creation of the site is entrusted to just anyone, unless instructed to anyone at all. As a result, we have what we have: Lyrics rarely describe the full services offered by the company. In addition, the language in which most of the written texts, for it is often clear only to staff as it is widely used professional jargon and specific terms. If you want the user visits your corporate resource, but still lingered in it, hollow valuable information about the unique services and products offered by your company, it is worth think seriously about the informational content of your site, because the creation of a site – it’s just the beginning of the company to a vast audience of Internet users. The text appearing on the corporate resources of the company should be as concise and rich information. Also, do not try to force your visitors to watch the long intros and animations, if they do not want to.

Interested in getting a certain kind of information people will always seek to obtain the required information as quickly as possible, ignoring and skipping all the rest (this rest will only annoy him). Do not “force” the site visitor – Give him what he seeks in the most simple form, and without further manipulation, and he will be grateful. No errors (spelling, punctuation and style) – just not unimportant factor in the image Companies in the eyes of the visitor. Careless attitude to spelling on a site like carelessness in clothing manager of the company – both are not acceptable. Unacceptable as the location of the site or irrelevant unreliable information. This can significantly undermine the company’s image in the eyes of customers and consumers. On issues of content and updates should think more before they started development of the site, because no adequate solution of these issues could negatively impact not only on the ranking of the site, but the company’s image as a whole.