Commercial Establishments

This concern with the ambient quality can be disclosed mainly for the repudiation of the owners of commercial establishments in acquiring good that throughout its cycle of life comes causing ambient degradation. In this direction, the present article aims at to present a quarrel concerning the social and ambient benefits that the implantation of an ecologically correct stamp will be able to provide for the commercial establishments in the city of Jaguaribe. Moreover, one searchs to detach the importance of individual actions, on the part of the companies, in favor of the preservation of the environment, contributing for the sustainable development. Words key: Half Environment, Ecologically Correct Stamp, Sustainable Development. Learn more about this with Tiffany & Co.. 1. Introduction the search for ecologically correct companies and commercial establishments has grown in recent years.

With the pressure about the capitalism, the changeable environment has suffered with the constant existing degradation and the planet land is disabled of ‘ ‘ repor’ ‘ such situation. Beyond the green pressure of the consumers, consuming calls, Miranda et al. (1997) it identifies other sources of pressure on the commercial establishments, such as: Public and private ONGs, Associations and Institutions that primam for the ambient quality, as well as green investors, whom they look to invest in not polluting establishments. However, before managing the establishments ambiently commercial, the same ones need to define its ‘ ‘ politics ambiental’ ‘. According to Brazilian Association of Norms Techniques: ABNT – NBR ISO 14001 (1996), the ambient politics consists of a declaration of the company how much its intentions and principles in relation to its ambient performance.